LED signalling devices PDS-400

The cornerstone of our systems is the PDS-400 warning LED signalling device, which comes directly from our own production.

The PDS-400 is constructed in a way to meet all criteria for road traffic.


  • Czech product
  • High durability (> 90 tons) and reliability
  • Water resistance of more than 100 m of water column
  • Allows for two-way signalization with as much as four colours
  • Great longevity of LED resources
  • Independent control and settings of each LED for both traffic directions
  • Monitoring of functioning, regime, age, temperature and humidity
  • Great visibility in good and bad weather alike
  • Dynamic luminosity regulation ranging from 1% - 100%
  • Self-cleaning construction with no demands on maintenance
  • Trouble-free ploughability during winter periods
  • During the production, we cooperate with leading Czech suppliers (e.g. Česká zbrojovka Uherský Brod a.s.)


PDS-400 model

Hardened glass

Stainless steel

4 efficient LEDs for both directions

Control unit of the signalling device with water-resistant adjustment

Salt water-resistant AlSi12Mn aluminium alloy

Size and weight ∅ 140 mm x 115 mm; 2120 g
Max. height above road surface < 5 mm
Physical resistance firmness/stress in pressure: 96 tons
Water resistance > 100 m of water column
Material – upper part stainless steel ČSN 17 240/ DIN 1.4301/ ASTM 304
Material – case salt water-resistant AlSi12Mn aluminium alloy ČSN 424330
Material – clips waterproof
Electrical circuit waterproof P. C. B.
Gasket special rubber
Power voltage 12 V =
Power consumption 7 x 0 - 0,7 A; 1 x 0 - 3,5 A
Light sources effective LED x 4 pieces for each direction, other colours possible on request
Temperature scale 30°C do +60°C
Covering level IP 68