Profile of the PDSystems company


The PDSystems Ltd. company was founded in 2007 and took up on the previous works of the owner and founder, Ing. Jaroslav Látal, MBA.

His previous work experience and orientation helped to create an idea of using embedded LED signalling devices according to airport technology (embedded signalling devices for highlighting of runways) for highlighting of pedestrian crossings and thereby highlighting the very spot for road crossing. The pilot project was implemented as soon as in 2004, in Litoměřice in the U Stadionu street in front of an elementary school entrance. This system is still working to the present day.

Mr. Látal took up on the successful passive safety system, a system of the 1st generation, by adding a feature which greatly contributes to increasing pedestrians’ safety and overall traffic smoothing – this is the detection of actual presence of pedestrians on a pedestrian crossing, constituting an active safety system – that of the 3rd generation. The first detection system was installed as soon as in 2005.

Another significant step, which brought the company forward, was the development of its own PDS-200 LED signalling device (a predecessor of the currently used PDS-400). The first prototype was produced at the beginning of 2007 and as soon as in the first half of this year, it replaced all imported products to-date in all our applications.

Since their creation, our systems and products have undergone another development in order for us to be able to offer our customers the best possible quality, reliability and longevity.

The Present

Currently, we’re operating over the whole Czech Republic. We still hold a primacy in this field – we have more than 70 applications, see our company’s selected references. In 2012, we along with Transport research centre (a public research institute) installed a system of “safe crossings”, which is now in testing. At the beginning of 2013, we entered the foreign market with our products.

Our systems for traffic smoothing and increasing safety have a wide variety of applications. Starting from above-mentioned pedestrian crossings, to leading traffic in tunnels, on crossroads, to highlighting railroad crossings without gates etc.

The PDSystems Ltd. company is the creator of “safe” or “intelligent” crossings. You can be sure you are dealing with real experts.