Active safety system - The 2nd Generation

The 2nd generation of “safe crossings” enhances the passive system of the 1st generation by active notification of the presence of a pedestrian whose intention is to enter the road.

The notification is taken care of by the pedestrian themselves, using a pedestrian button whose activation forces a change in the regime of the LED signalling devices (e.g. change of colour and frequency of flashing). The driver of an incoming vehicle is therefore given a clear signal of a pedestrian being present on the pedestrian crossing or in its close vicinity.

Besides the pedestrian button, the system includes also a pedestrian detector which causes that the pedestrian notification period is not strictly given, but it is precisely proportionate to the actual occurrence of pedestrians in the pedestrian crossing zone. Even a very slowly moving person is reliably detected through the entire time of crossing the road.

Examples of possible notification and indication:

  • State 1 – no pedestrian is present. The LED signalling devices ceaselessly shine in white colour just to highlight the location of the pedestrian crossing
  • State 2 – PEDESTRIAN WARNING! The LED signalling devices flash in red colour interruptedly.